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    create fake person...napravi laznu osobu

    fondza [Admin]

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    create fake person...napravi laznu osobu

    Post by fondza [Admin] on Fri Oct 16, 2009 3:25 pm

    Creates A Whole Identity all based on the settings you put in.

    You have the Choice Of,


    Name Set:

    It also can generate random names of a family.

    I would like to find something to make an e-mail where you can log into it and use anything you want after the @ sign but untill i find that this is pretty cool:

    Fake Mailer,

    You Can chose anything you want your email to me,

    A popular one is,

    Although you can send e-mail with a random name you cannot recieve them back, so you might want to add, something like, i will not respond if you reply to this e-mail please us: (what ever email here)

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